2018 Open Heifers
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Click on the name to view more information on each sale animal and on the photo to view an enlarged version
         LR1676 Valencia
         LR1745  Walda
         LR1716  Waitress
         LR1717  Wallflower
         LR1749  Wanda
         LR1781  Wankika
         LR179  Welcome
         LR1746  Welwitschia
         LR1715  Wendy
         LR1718  Whisper
         LR1737  Whirlwind
         LR1733  Whirlybird
         LR1710  Whitney
         LR175  Wild Child
         LR172  Wish
         LR1732  Wishbone
         LR1714  Wonderful
         LR1755  Woozy
         LR1765  Worship
         LR1752  Wrinkle



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