La Rhone is situated in the picturesque and historical district of Tulbagh, some 120 km from Cape Town and 230 km from the southern most tip of Africa. 

La Rhone (initially Le Rhone) was one of the first nine farms given out as loan farms to the first settlers who started farming in the “The Land of Waveren” in the early 1700’s, the first freehold owner being a certain Jacques Theron, who received the farm in 1714.  Theron, who farmed with vines, cattle and sheep, originated from Nimes in the Languedoc, watered by the Rhone, hence probably the name of this farm!

Today deciduous fruit like peaches, nectarines and plums bearing the La Rhone logo is being marketed daily from 20 October until 20 March.  We are proud of the fact that La Rhone fruit has become a household name throughout the country.




The La Rhone herd of pedigree Limousins was established by the father-and-son combination of Andre & AJ du Toit with the purchase of 15 females and a young bull in 2003.  The herd was supplemented by further purchases of females and males on several occasions since.  What began as a hobby has since grown to become one of the leading herds in South Africa.  The aim of our breeding policy is to produce well muscled bulls with excellent temperament that are able of achieving high growth rates alongside medium framed females with adequate milk and quality.

We believe that using carefully selected semen is the only way to keep up with the genetic advances within the breed.  This strong usage of French and British semen has formed the base of some strong breeding lines within the herd.

Our pride in our herd comes from the fact that we know our animals are exceptional.  It is indeed a privilege to share our lives with them!


We manage the herd ourselves with Andre & AJ making decisions about breeding, feeding, etc, while the admin is being kept up to date by Trudene.  The capable vets of Tulbagh Animal Hospital tend to our veterinary needs.





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