At La Rhone we firmly believe that the cow herd forms the heart of any successful  stud program.  While in the process of building the La Rhone herd, we had the privilege of attending a few total dispersal sales where we had the rare opportunity to obtain some real grand dames which formed the foundation of our stud.  These true matriarchs were very dominant  breeding material, and combined with our carefully selected local and imported sires, their daughters and granddaughters still forms  the secure building blocks of  the La Rhone herd. 

Glitz - Sold to Zirko Limousins
Honesty - Sold to Fabriquer Limousins
FN0434 - Sold to Fabriquer Limousins Haricot - Sold to Fabriquer Limousins
Heritage - Sold to Fabriquer Limousins  
ME963 - 16 years old NB 0035 - Dam of national champion bull calf, as well as dam of former record priced cow LR056
VD977 - Embryo bred dam of Husky IC01121- Leadwood Flert

We strive to breed the ultimate medium framed feminine type females with good milk, fertility, functionality and absolute beauty. It is of utmost importance that these

animals will be genetically superior in order to produce real beefers.Combining as many of the most proven bloodlines as possible, with Tarvis and Dauphin being the most prominent, we are now producing balanced bulls and females for Southern African conditions.

VD0159 - Sold to Uilenskop Limousins First of All - Sold to Zirko Limousins
VD98159 - Dam of La Rhone Jacknife VD0157 - Dam of La Rhone Hightide

It is our philosophy to offer some of our real best proven dams as well as the most promising pregnant heifers on our annual sale.  These propositions offer their new owners the opportunity of obtaining potential embryo donors to excel their breeding program.  New owners, at the same time, obtain potential show animals that are fully trained.  Several of our co- breeders have won numerous championships at shows with La Rhone bred animals.

NL0112 Yulanda Ada - sold to Zirko Limousins, Namibia - dam of the one and only Fluff. Fairy - Sold to Joluza Limousins
Easter Girl - Sold to Uilenskop Limousins Elegance - Sold to Fabriquer Limousins - dam of Headboy
Grace - Sold to Omateva Limousins, Namibia HV0532 - Sold to Christea Limousins
Fudge, national champion heifer - sold to Uilenskop Limousins Zirko Ona - Dodge daughter bred by Zirko Limousins
Doline - Maternal sister to Hitman, sold to Fabriquer Limousins Fluff - National female grand champion sold to Kalahari Limousins
Jubilation - Sold to Henbase Limousins Jo-Anne - Sold to Pumba Limousins
Favourite - sold to Devlan Limousins Hantu - Sold to Zirko Limousins
Heroine - Sold to Millenium Limousins Harmony - Sold to Sajama Limousins
Jennifer - Sold to Pumba Limousins  


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