When starting the La Rhone Limousin Stud one of the objectives that stood out was our mission to be reckoned as one of the top breeders of Limousins in Southern Africa.  We realised that using the most dominant paternal lines was inevitable and so the search was on!  Travelling and transport is a necessity when it comes to matching the best, so we visited several top breeders and did a lot of research on potential AI sires.  Each and every mating at La Rhone is considered as an investment in the future of our herd and the industry as such.  It was once again proved that only the best bulls in the world of Limousin breeding would enable us to reach our goals.

FN0210 DK0330

After some in depth research, we selected FN0210, and at a later stage, DK0330 as herd sires.  The top performing French sires were used ever since the first pure bred female set foot at La Rhone.  Through mating each bull with cows with specific characteristics and superior genetic lines, we created a unique opportunity for every bull to produce progeny out of the most dominant maternal lines in the world.  AI sires that had an impact on our herd were bulls like Mas du Clo, Hautclair, Ulysse, Navire MN, Patocle and Sauvignon. These French sires, whom are rated amongst the best in the world, produced progeny with some very dominant characteristics.  We, however, felt the need to combine these characteristics with specific cows, enabling us to produce more of a “middle-of-the-road, easy doing” type, suited for Southern African conditions.

Sauvignon - HF03

Because long generation intervals complicate cattle breeding, we believe in using our promising young bulls at a very early age (from 15 months), thus “moving faster”.  This also provides potential clients with a choice between some young proven sires at our annual sale.

Today, we are proud to say that the majority of top calves born at La Rhone are sired by La Rhone bred bulls.  It is our mission not only to breed the best, but to sell the best!  No show championship or record price provides the same satisfaction as the positive feedback from co-breeders using La Rhone bulls.

We aim to have a clear picture and understanding of individual clients’ needs and to have a strong awareness of the genetics within their herds.  This enables us to give assistance and advice to our clients about the types of cattle and the bloodlines that might best suit and enhance their programs.

La Rhone Limousins is not standing still ... at the forefront of genetic improvement is where will stay!



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