2016 Bulls
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LR128 Paparazzi
SOLD FOR:  R200 000
BUYER:  Kandas Limousins

LR1335 Ratanga
SOLD FOR:  R90 000
BUYER:  SP Limousins


LR1413 Stockman
SOLD FOR:  R60 000
BUYER:  Albra Limousins

LR1385 Ratrace
SOLD FOR:  R190 000
BUYER:  Golden Sun Limousins


LR1346 Real Deal

LR1322 Reebok
SOLD FOR:  R75 000
BUYER:  Rooidraai Limousins


LR1447 Spiderman
SOLD FOR:  R160 000
BUYER:  Fabriquer Limousins

LR1377 Rolex
SOLD FOR:  R80 000
BUYER:  Stoke Limousins


LR1424 Sambuca
SOLD FOR:  R65 000
BUYER:  SP Limousins

LR1341 Richelieu
SOLD FOR:  R90 000
BUYER:  Ombende Limousins


LR1458 Studmaster
SOLD FOR:  R40 000
BUYER:  Lingane Kaebetswe

LR1383 Rhino
SOLD FOR:  R40 000
BUYER:  Jacob van der Walt


LR1415 Safari
SOLD FOR:  R35 000
BUYER:  Mooiuitsig Boere

LR1470 Streetfighter
SOLD FOR:  R50 000
BUYER:  Maqelepo Limousins


LR1338 Red Heart
SOLD FOR:  R55 000
BUYER:  Fermier Limousins

LR1364 Ramkat
SOLD FOR:  R60 000
BUYER:  Limerick Limousins


LR1463 Sundowner
SOLD FOR:  R40 000
BUYER:  Brainwave Projects

LR144 Solitaire
SOLD FOR:  R45 000
BUYER:  Brainwave Projects


LR1439 Shotgun
SOLD FOR:  R32 000
BUYER:  Hexwal Boerdery

LR148 Stingray
SOLD FOR:  R38 000
BUYER:  Ceda Agri Services


LR1442 Stetson
SOLD FOR:  R40 000
BUYER:  Callie Oosthuizen



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